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September 29, 2013


Bloodlines of Salem recognizes how vital it is to incorporate environmental stewardship in the conduct of business, including the efficient and sustainable use of natural and economic resources, which incorporates practices such as energy conservation and preservation of biodiversity. Bloodlines of Salem is committed to understanding the effect our organization has on the environment and working to continually improve our environmental performance, while encouraging our suppliers and customers to do the same.

To this end, we seek to adhere to principles addressing the following five areas, and to support these principles through specific initiatives. Our goal as an organization is to address these key aspects of our environmental performance as members of the direct marketing community:

Principle Areas:

--List Hygiene and Data Management
--Paper Procurement and Usage
--Printing and Packaging
--Recycling and Pollution Reduction in our Workplace and Community

Possible Initiatives in Support of Principle Areas:

I. List Hygiene and Data Management -- We continually endeavor to manage data and lists in an environmentally responsible manner with a focus on reducing the amount of duplicate, unwanted and undeliverable mail [to both consumers and businesses]. To achieve our goals in this area:

A. We Maintain Suppression Lists -- We maintain in-house do-not-market lists for prospects and customers who do not wish to receive future solicitations from us.

B. We Offer Notice and Choice -- We provide periodic notices and opportunities for customers to opt in or opt out of receiving future marketing contacts from our organization. We provide periodic notices and opportunities for prospects to opt in or opt out of receiving future marketing contacts from our organization. We offer customers a choice to receive communications from our organization electronically.

C. We Clean Our Lists Prior to Mailing -- We maintain clean, deliverable files.

II. Design, Production and Printing in Our Mail, Marketing and Communication Materials -- We strive to design and print our advertisements and other communications in an environmentally responsible manner, and we communicate our environmental expectations to our supplier(s). Wherever feasible, in designing and printing communications, we look at opportunities for source reduction. We also communicate our goals to our suppliers. To this end:

A. We Reduce the Amount of Waste -- We review periodically direct mail and direct marketing material and downsize when and where appropriate. We test and use lighter-weight papers wherever feasible. We adjust trim sizes of our publications and/or collateral in an effort to reduce waste.

C. We Give Preference to Recyclable and/or Reusable Materials -- We seek to utilize recycled printing and writing paper with post-consumer content (when and where feasible). On envelopes and parcels, we prefer and use ink-jet addressing and other environmentally sensitive addressing techniques including handwritten addressing.

D. We Communicate Environmental Principles to Suppliers -- We review supplier companies' environmental policies and practices, and encourage them to reduce, reuse, and recycle. We give preference to printers that seek to reduce air and water pollution, energy use, and chemical waste in their operations. We communicate these goals within our organization and to our suppliers.

III. Paper Procurement and Clean Production -- We recognize that improving forestry practices is an important component of environmental stewardship and sustainability. We strive to procure, use, and recover paper in a manner that helps to ensure the sustainable use of forests and other natural resources. In support of this principle:

A. We Research and Understand Our Investment in Paper -- We work to understand the investment our company has in paper. We research actively our own paper and wood supplies to be an informed paper and wood products user. We invest time and resources to understand and address environmental issues associated with paper procurement. Our designated buyers have expertise in procuring environmentally preferable paper.

B. We Respect Forest Ecosystems and Biodiversity -- We recognize the importance of maintaining biodiversity and avoid sourcing from rare forest types and areas with high concentrations of rare and endangered species. We recognize the importance of maintaining biodiversity and will work with suppliers who have integrated conservation values and programs into their operations. We recognize the importance of preserving landscape integrity and encouraging forest restoration areas and forest landscapes that provide pathways for wildlife. We recognize the importance of preserving healthy ecosystems and work with suppliers who have integrated forest conservation and restoration, "carbon storage" and water and soil protection into their operations.

C. We Encourage Sustainable Paper Procurement and Clean Production -- We give preference to suppliers who are committed to sustainable practices throughout the "life cycle" of paper production, from forest to recycling, including pulp and paper mill performance.

D. We Encourage Responsible Use of Forest Resources -- We evaluate paper used for marketing pieces, product packaging and internal consumption to identify opportunities for increased recycled content, increased post-consumer recycled content, lower basis weights and other environmental attributes. We consider the net environmental benefits and detriments of using recycled fiber before purchasing it. We recognize that recycled fiber manufacture, transportation and de-ink sludge disposal can have significant environmental effect. Whenever the economics are sound and the environmental benefits clear, we purchase paper with recycled content, including papers with post-consumer content We negotiate with our paper suppliers about purchasing papers with post-consumer recycled content at a comparable price, environmental effect and performance to virgin papers We print order forms, blow-ins and order envelopes on paper with a higher percentage of post-consumer recycled content whenever feasible. We identify for consumers paper and paperboard products made from fibers manufactured with recycled content with post-consumer material. We understand the need for virgin fiber in some paper manufacturing to ensure adequate strength. Where feasible, we strive to reduce the selected use of paper and paper products (including newsprint, packaging, tissue products, office papers and printing stock) made from 100-percent virgin fiber content. We reduce the amount of raw materials used to make our products by encouraging the development of lighter-weight grades of paper that meet our organization's functional and quality needs. We work with our printers to reduce paper waste (reduced overage counts, make-readies, etc.).

IV. Use of Paper in Packaging -- We believe that sourcing environmentally preferred papers and other materials is only a beginning. Equally important is efficient use of papers and materials once they are purchased. We sort incoming packaging materials for recycling collection. We employ lighter-weight or efficient packing materials where possible to minimize volume/weight and reduce our environmental footprint. We encourage customers to participate in any existing national packaging/recycle program wherever possible.

V. Recycling and Pollution Reduction in Our Workplace and Community -- Our policies and initiatives in this area are guided by the Three Rs: "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle." With this in mind, we seek an efficient and environmentally sensible workplace, as well as to promote environmental stewardship in our community. Toward this principle,

A. We Reduce and Reuse in the Workplace -- Where possible and practical, we buy office papers, packing and packaging materials made from recycled materials with post-consumer content. We use recyclable materials and materials that don't hinder the recycling process. We integrate the use of electronic communications (e-mail, Web and intranet) for external and internal communications. We use recycled paper with post-consumer content for internal company print communications. We make primary use of two-sided printing and photocopying where appropriate. We develop online systems for reports, projects and monitoring to reduce paper generation. We reuse file folders, hanging folders and binders where appropriate.

B. We Deploy Recycling in Our Workplace -- We investigate energy, water, material usage and waste management procedures, practices, and patterns and set internal goals to reduce, reuse and recycle, and establish programs to measure internal savings in waste, energy and costs. We implement in-house recycling programs.

C. We Promote/Advance Recycling in Our Community -- We use the recyclable symbol to identify paper and paperboard products made from fibers that, after use, are suitable for recycling. We provide customers with information about recycling.

We are committed to continually improve our environmental performance. To this end, we endeavor to make responsible, sound business decisions and wherever feasible integrate environmental considerations into all aspects of our operations. We readily acknowledge that environmental stewardship is an ongoing challenge and a continual learning experience. We continue to research best practices and to explore the possibility of partnerships with other companies, environmental and conservation organizations, and local communities, all with the intent of further strengthening our environmental stewardship.


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